Ugg Boots deserve respect

I’ve recently been reading a lot of blogs and articles by fashion forward people for fashion forward websites about being fashion forward towards Ugg Boots. Since I consider myself a fashion forward kinda guy I figured I’d take a step into the ring about Ugg Boots being fashion forward.

Problem is, Uggs have been given a bad name by D grade celeb skanks who have worn Uggs on the red carpet. Regular skanks have given Uggs a bad name by wearing them out of the house matched with equally skanky clothes. Same goes with regular bogan guys. I saw this one bogan the other day at the petrol station, airing up the tyres on his ute while wearing a singlet, trackies and Ugg Boots. This is during the severe onset of winter. His tough look failed at the first sight of the soft and soothing wool sitting up around his ankles.

I love Ugg Boots. Love ’em to death. But with the current trend to wear ’em out of the house being a trend only adhered to by undesirables, I cannot see myself partaking. But God knows I really, really wanna.

There comes a time when comfort must win out of over style and the time for the Ugg to shine is right now. All the humble Ugg needs is a decent black and white fashion shoot fit for the glossies with heavy paper stock. You know, the types of pics where there’s some woman lounging on a giant arm chair wearing super expensive stuff and looking as if she doesn’t give a fuck. Or the pics of a guy with stubble, precisely messed up hair standing in a city wearing super expensive threads and staring down the lens with that ‘I’m so sexy for these Ugg’s’ look. This time will come and if it has already come then I don’t know because I don’t read such magazines.

That’s the point though, really. It’s how you wear Ugg Boots outside. You can skank and bogan them down by wearing them to the shops as if you’ve just woken up and thrown on your grubbiest fleecy trackie pants and hoodie ensemble.

Jeans are comfy and fashionable. You don’t see guys strolling around in their best jeans matched with some piece of shit shirt they found scrunched in the back of the wardrobe where the wardrobe is located in a house he just moved into and the piece of shit shirt is actually the previous occupier’s special “bedroom rag” he didn’t want to take to his new house. You don’t hear women clipping around the streets in their best new heels then see them using a fucking plastic bag as a hand bag.

Whomever pioneered the dressing down of an Ugg Boot ensemble needs a good kick in the head, then a good kick in the balls. You do know, people, that it’s not cool to wear uggs and filthy clothes out of the house. What will be the new cool is dressing Ugg Boots up! Yep, that’s right. Good jeans, sharp jacket, pressed shirt, designer sunnies and Uggs. For women it may be harder so try tight fitting slacks that flare at the bottom, shirt and vest combo and Uggs. The most important thing though is to get the kids into dressing up their Ugg ensemble from an early age. Parents need to teach them the ways of the dressed up Ugg.

If enough people put in the effort to give the Ugg Boot the respect and fashion it deserves for a long enough time then they’ll finally become the norm and an accepted part of everyday wear. Then and only then will we be able to rock around the cities dressed in the epitome of comfort and style.

PS: I’m aware the Ugg Boot needs to pull it’s weight too, they’re pretty flimsy and prone to water damage from a mere droplet or damp blade of grass. I’d like to see spurs on Ugg Boots one day too. A man can dream.

by thepackedvacuum

Originally posted here at Voxy.co.nz



4 comments on “Ugg Boots deserve respect

  1. I am from Geelong. I own seven pairs of footwear. They are all Ugg Boots.

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