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Take a look at what the Carbon Tax is doing to us.

Three days into this new Carbon Tax and already Australia has plunged into complete and utter anarchy. Australians are already feeling the pinch and those commercials the government keeps buying air time for, you know, the ones featuring couples smiling as they peruse their utility bill are fooling no one.

People have lost their minds and are in a state of volatile panic over this and it’s all the government’s fault. You don’t believe me?

Then check out this footage of two teenage girls from Werribee fighting over, what one can only reasonably assume, is a deck of ciggies. Probably Holiday 50s. They’re pretty expensive and even more so now the Carbon Tax has been enforced.

Up on the Gold Coast everyone is desperate for cash. And since July 1, they’re all the more desperate. Hold-ups are no longer the domain of smackies and drunks. The media have dubbed this woman the “buxom bandit” coz, you know, she’s got some giant tits. And she’s stealing money from a petrol station. I’m guessing the Carbon Tax has forced up prices of fake tan. And hair dye. And bras.

The Carbon Tax has also forced up prices of public transport. A simple, inexpensive bus ride is no longer neither as these two guys take the idea of stealing a free ride to a jailable new high. One of these guys actually seriously stabs the bus driver. What a total fuckwit. The driver will be fine by the sounds of it. But what’s really going on here? These drug addled no hopers can no longer afford the bus because of the Carbon Tax. And the price of their meth has probably skyrocketed.

Then just last night, live on TV, director of campaigning group Get Up! Simon Sheikh literally faints. LIVE ON TV! On  ABC’s Q and A, no less. This is the Carbon Tax at its evilest. It taxed the very air, or to be precise – carbon dioxide, Simon was about to expel. It literally took (read: taxed) his breath away for fuck’s sake.


One comment on “Take a look at what the Carbon Tax is doing to us.

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