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“It feels like fire in my vagina” LOL

Remember back in the day when you were a kid smoking barkies was cool, you know, bits of bark rolled up to look like cigarettes? They were totes bad-ass. Remember the first time you got completely drunk out of your skull? Remember your first joint or cone? Or that time you made a bong, had a couple of cones and then drank the bong water to get majorly fucked up? No on that last one? Me either. But today, those examples are extremely piss-weak when it comes to getting off your dial.

Kids these days, god bless ’em, are coming up with zany new ways to get plastered. The new trend about to hit Australia (it’s noted in the US and UK) is vodka tampons. That’s right, grab a tampon, chuck it in a cup of vodka to let it soak up as much as it can then, ladies, insert it up your vag, or, for the guys, insert it up your arse.

Check out Vodka Tampons Part 2. Emma

The idea is to get really tanked on the cheap and on the sly. The theory goes that if you take alcohol this way your breath won’t smell and the alcohol won’t be detectable by breathalysers. Oh, and it gets you waaaay more drunk than actually “drinking” shots or pre-mixes, coz, this is 2012 and actual drinking is so 2011.

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One comment on ““It feels like fire in my vagina” LOL

  1. OMG, this is ridiculous! Are they insane!

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