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If you’re reading this blog then you either a) have a lot of time on your hands and you’ve just wanked out a massive jizz ball and couldn’t possibly look at more porn or b) enjoy reading youth orientated websites that cover shit from music to fashion to whatever else or, most importantly, c) were directed here to check out this collection of stuff, or folio, as it were.

Either way, kudos to you.

Here at The Packed Vacuum I strive to entertain and inform and be really, really cool. Just check out this super dooper photo I took once:

Chickens in nets. Taken in 2008. Totally pre-Instagram.

It’s a picture of chickens in nets. The nets of chickens sat atop a bus for about eight hours as it slowly traversed the pot-holed roads of Laos. I’m hungry. Aren’t you?

Being a youth kinda site I really need some money or sponsorship or trade agreements. I’m based in Victoria, Australia and I’m a nice person, honestly. You should send me these items for us to talk about:




Money (AUD excepted only)

Travel vouchers

Supermarket vouchers

And anything else you think is appropriate.

Also, if you like the ideas expressed and want to put em on your website or steal them and call them your own, well, you definitely gotta give me some money then.

If you want to contribute to thepackedvacuum then please do.


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