Amateur mathematician crunches the numbers in gigantic Yahtzee data sample

You don’t have to be an accountant or mathematician to find numbers extremely sexy, the way the two looks like a woman’s head in profile and a seven looks like the profile of an excited man from waist down in the number 27, some numbers can be so sexy they should only be sold in […]

Man vs The Art Of Shaving cream dispenser.

If your body is plagued with ingrown hairs then chances are you’ve tried all sorts of creams to alleviate the pain and ugliness. Ultimately, The Art Of Shaving ingrown hair cream is probably one of the best creams out there. It’s fucking expensive but boy does it work and it smells pretty too. The problem […]

The one and only travel guide that will save Melbourne.

Glasgow is a city in Scotland and Scotland is on the northern tip of the United Kingdom. I’ve never been to Scotland but I’ve been to Poland and I’m sure the two are completely dissimilar except for having “land” in their names. I’m from Melbourne, the same very Melbourne that was voted The World’s Most […]

If I lost an eye and then had it replaced I’d tell everybody the details – Dead Space 3 review, sort of.

I’ve been playing Dead Space 3 shit loads since it came out. I’m a discerning video game connoisseur, not a gamer, and my journalistic expertise lies in real journalism, not writing video game reviews because video game review writing is for children. Having said that, my experience playing Dead Space 3 has compelled me to […]

Aliens aren’t aliens because they’re from Earth.

It has recently been brought to my attention that my secretly long held theory about aliens isn’t just my own, which I’m totes stoked about because it means only one thing: I’m not a complete crackpot. It also means that if you share this theory then you’re not a crackpot either and we all deserve […]

Daddy blog

Daddy blog and acting classes

Daddy blog and acting classes

Mummy bloggers are taking over the internet and spawning blogs about their progeny and their shitty nappies and their snotty noses. All the dads are working and only a handful stay at home and rear them young’uns. I’m not a mummy or a daddy. But I have imaginary kids and I’m an imaginary dad and […]